ASUS is Making Its Own Hololens Headset

By Darren Orf on at

A few weeks back, Asus was in talks with Microsoft about building its own Hololens headset and becoming the first company outside of Microsoft to do so. It looks like Asus is going ahead with that plan.

In an interview with Jerry Shen, CNET confirms that Asus will be making its own Hololens, the most convincing piece of technology (as of right now) that could bring augmented reality to the masses. Or at the very least, the affluent masses–since Hololens will cost developers £2,000 when it ships early next year.

There are very few details about Asus’ own take on AR, but Shen said the unit should be available sometime next year. Asus has also been pretty hands-off when it comes to virtual reality, a rival technology that’s been quickly adopted by the gaming community but also traditional tech companies like HTC and Samsung. Shen says he sees more of a future in AR.

Seems like there’s a bit of an AR versus VR competition emerging, with VR undeniably having a head start over Microsoft’s AR ambitions (it also has Netflix VR, that’s hard to beat). But most likely, Asus will be the first of several companies to see if Microsoft’s faceputer vision is actually the future or just another ambitious failure. [CNET]