Backing up Your Music and Videos is Illegal Again, a Year After it Was Made Legal

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you happen to be backing up your music right now, stop what you’re doing, you heinous criminal. It is, once again, against the law to make personal copies of your songs, videos, eBooks, CDs and DVDs in the UK. Even uploading your media goodies to the cloud is naughty.

That’s because the private copying exception, introduced in October 2014, has been removed by the government after a load of whining from music industry bods, including the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, UK Music and the Musicians’ Union. That said, our great guardians didn't exactly put up much of a fight.

Back in June, it was ruled that the original decision to introduce the copyright exception was 'flawed', as the evidence used by the government to argue the point that copying files didn't harm the industry was deemed inadequate. So, instead of researching whether copyright holders would indeed be negatively impacted by the exception, the UK government decided to get rid completely. A bit disappointing.

However, while it's now illegal to back your digital files up, it's improbable that the music industry will come down hard on anyone actually doing it, and people are just as unlikely to actually go out and buy multiple versions of things they've already paid for. Everyone's a winner. [1709 blog]

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