Batman Fans Urged to Help Save Building in Gotham... Village

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Gotham & District Community Venture committee needs YOU, or at least perhaps some of your money if you're a rich comics nerd, as it would like to buy the village's Royal British Legion building and turn it over to the community where it could be used for sparsely-attended charity coffee mornings to the betterment of society.

Campaigners in Gotham have already assembled around £100,000 worth of pledges to help fund the community purchase, and are now hoping news of the sale -- and the spot's ties with the history of the Batman series -- might push the fundraising effort over the line.

The hope is the appeal might go viral/international, with group chairman John Anderson saying: "The Legion has supported men and women who knew what combat meant, so we are showing the same spirit now. It would be fantastic to hear from any American friends of Gotham who might also invest in this exciting venture; we just need to let them know it’s possible."

And what Batman enthusiast wouldn't want to own part of a building that sounds as grand as The Gotham and District branch of the British Legion, even if it looks like quite a sad low-rise bungalow. [BBC]