Batman PC Developers Throw in the Cape and Give Refunds for Everyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The broken Batman game that was fixed is still a bit of a mess according to gamers playing the refreshed code released last week, leading publisher Warner Brothers to admit defeat and issue refunds to anyone who bought Arkham Knight on PC.

The 2.3GB "patch" was released on October 28 to a new wave of fury from PC owners still struggling to get it to run at a satisfying pace, with Warner responding to the fresh complaints with: "We are very sorry that many of our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues."

"Until the end of 2015, we will be offering a full refund on Batman: Arkham Knight PC, regardless of how long you have played the product. You can also return the Season Pass along with the main game (but not separately). For those of you that hold onto the game, we are going to continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix."

How extremely baffling to see it admit to things being so broken there's not even the prospect of repair. It's also a frustrating scenario for owners who bought digital keys outside of the Steam network, as they're now left trying to blag refunds from retailers themselves. [Warner/Steam via BBC]