Bond Wins Big as Spectre Sets New UK Box Office Record

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bond has beaten his toughest nemesis yet, crushing the evil Baron von Harry Potter to take the most money ever in an opening week at UK cinemas.

Bond producers have excitedly issued Spectre's opening numbers, saying that in the UK the film took a whopping estimated total of £41.7 million ($63.8) during its first week on distribution, crushing the previous best total held by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -- which matched Bond's Monday launch timetable but only took £23.8 million.

There's one big reason for it, too -- the film opened in 647 cinemas and was shown on around 2,500 screen during the launch period, which was also a record for the UK market. Sony Pictures, MGM and EON Productions say the film's done well outside of Bond's home enclave too, with the Netherlands and Nordic openings beating previous Bond film Skyfall's take.

There's even mention made of the IMAX takings in the numbers, with the Bond production triumvirate saying it was "...the first film ever to top a $100,000 per-location average, with $105,000 in 47 IMAX locations." And it's not even out in the US yet.

So like it or not, grumpy old Daniel Craig's probably going to be getting the call to start jumping about on Land Rovers and rooftops again next year, as Bond's international sex appeal shows no sign of fading.