Buy Nothing Day Sees Brits Protest Against Consumerism on Black Friday

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

That grimmest of US imports, Black Friday, is here and in full swing. People up and down the country have taken the day off work, strapped on their knuckle-dusters and marched to their local high street, ready to crack some skulls and grab a bargain.

However, head onto Twitter and you’ll quickly see that today also happens to be ‘Buy Nothing Day’. It’s a thing, honest. Thousands of Brits are protesting at what they view as aggressive consumerism, by frantically wrestling their wallets shut, trying to keep them from escaping their back pockets and posting stuff online. Must be tough.

A chap called Sam Machin has also set up a Facebook event to mark the occasion, which currently has tens of thousands of profiles in the 'Attending' section. #BuyNothingDay is also likely to be trending all day. Now, where’s the first brawl going to break out? We’ve got our popcorn ready.

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