CEO's Swiss Alps Estate is a James Bond Villain Hideout

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Spend a few minutes gawking at this incredible 007-inspired villa, which feels like the awesome pad of a real-life Spectre villain. This Swiss hideaway is the home of VistaJet CEO Thomas Flore, and the pictures appear in the new issue of T magazine from the New York Times.

The seven-floor, 35,000-square-foot chalet is named “Eagle’s Nest” and is nestled in St. Moritz, the rugged heart of Swiss ski-country. It’s full of furniture actually used in Bond films, like a decades-old chrome-and-rosewood desk that appeared in From Russia with Love and You Only Live Twice. Nearby hangs a steel world map inspired by Dr. No, with illuminated points for each capital city. In the garage sits a silver Aston Martin DB5, the same model Sean Connery rocked in 1964’s Goldfinger.

The architecture itself was directly inspired by Bond movies, as well as old-school airport design, like Charles de Gaulle’s early ‘70s Terminal 1 or the Eeron Saarinen-masterminded, futurist, googie-style TWA terminal at JFK from the ‘60s.

In the underground spa — yup, the underground spa — lies an underground grotto, and a live digital projection of the nearby, snowcapped Engadin Valley flickers onto the pool. (The live feed comes from an HD camera stationed on the compound’s front deck, which faces miles and miles of Swiss mountain majesty.)

For recreation, there are options aplenty: The cinema? Squash court? Bowling lanes? Billiards room? Pizzeria? Maybe fly an indoor drone in the great room with 18-foot high cathedral ceilings, or just cozy up in a reindeer rug-lined salon draped in luxurious, custom, cashmere curtains. Comfort is paramount, after all—micro steam jets in the mansion’s walls keep the dry mountain air at a perfect 52 percent humidity.

It’s a badass pied-à-terre appropriate for a jet-setting bloke whose fortune came from catering to the jet set: Flore’s company, VistaJet, provides private Bombardier jets for hire and charter. He founded VistaJet in 2004, and it serves 186 countries for heads of state, entrepreneurs, and other miscellaneous loaded individuals.

This house is a gut-check to all those hot shots who think that a smart thermometer or breakfast nook makes for a big-time abode. Now I’m gonna take my empty wallet and go cry in the sparsely furnished corner.

CEO's Swiss Alps Estate Is a Dope James Bond Villain Hideout

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All images courtesy of T Magazine