Colour of Character's Arm Revealed in Force Awakens Spoiler #2,578

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's Christmas adverts season already. While we wait for the supermarkets to reveal their trillion-dollar twee adventures in entirely irrelevant Dickensian fantasy lands that don't exist in 2015, we've got this one to, ahem, enjoy. It's for American Duracell and it's exciting because it's got both Christmas AND Star Wars in it. Matron, a fresh pair of trousers for the man over there on the internet, please.

It's also interesting to Star Wars enthusiasts as it confirms that the gay robot thing now comes with a red arm, as comic book and film spoilers have previously suggested. This is presumably so red armed versions of action figures can be sold at a premium to normal arm versions, seeing as literally everything about Star Wars is being built, from the ground up, to sell toys and other tat to everyone this Christmas.

So here's the advert:

Stormtroopers, AT-ATs, lightsabers and the music and everything, it's a big budget production all right. Sick of the whole sodding charade, you will be, very soon, though. [Telegraph