David Cameron Embroiled in 'PoppyGate' Photoshop Shitstorm (And it Probably Wasn't His Fault)

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

David Cameron, Pride of Britain, Ultimate Patriot, found himself in a bit of a pickle last night. Though he (probably) wasn’t actually at fault, his representatives certainly were. They uploaded a very-obviously-doctored picture of The Great Man to the official 10 Downing Street Facebook page, and caused more than a bit of a stir.

Unfortunately for Cameron, rather than digitally-enhancing his guns or airbrushing his entire face, his people decided it would be clever to Photoshop a poppy onto his lapel. Cue controversy. So many talking points. First and foremost, the poppy is a highly-emotive symbol of intense pride (just ask James McClean). Secondly, the digital version of it was... ahem... on the large side. Thirdly, the picture of the Prime Minister they decided to edit is one that’s been used heavily in promotional materials.

The cock-up was first spotted Dylan Morris of Plymouth, and was soon picked up pretty much everywhere. After an hour of ridicule, the people behind the page replaced the picture with one of Cameron actually wearing a poppy, with a Downing Street spokesperson labelling the gaffe "an oversight."