Do You Own the Most Valuable Star Wars Toys?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Well, do you? Or have you lost them? Or sold them? Or maybe you binned them in a hurry before a girl entered your bedroom for the first time? Perhaps you think Star Wars is rubbish and spend all your time playing with proper, constructive, educational toys instead, like Lego City vehicles?

The reason for all the questions is because some Star Wars toys are worth a lot of money as we learned today. Not this generation's BB-8, of course, because there are already a million of them gathering dust already. The old stuff. The R@RE/MINT Han Solos, or the Luke Skywalkers with the dodgy lightsabers that were pulled and now worth a sickening £10k+.

Some other valuable Star Wars items include the wrong-sized blue Snaggletooth, the 1983 Yak Face from Return of the Jedi, the 1978 telescoping-sabered Obi-Wan Kenobi or the small-headed 1978 original Han Solo figure, which was later redesigned to have a... bigger head and be more normal and less collectible.

Have you got any valuable stuff? Did Little You annoy his parents by refusing to unbox his toys at the time and keeping them in perfect condition, resulting in a BIG WIN right now for Big You? Have you got nice toys? If so, boast about them here. [The Richest]