Doesn't Look Like Google Put Much Effort into its St. Andrew's Day Doodle

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's Google Doodle is meant to honour Scotland, seeing as it's St. Andrew's Day today. Can the tech geniuses of the world really not manage anything better or more inventive/celebratory than a crappy animated GIF of the Loch Ness Monster, with even the Google logo font looking rubbish and not adhering to its own guidelines?

We suspect the person whose job it is to do the Doodle's forgot, and had to get one off a computer from 1997 in a hurry. At least, at only 47k, it's a well compressed file. We have to give it that. Awesome compression.


Honestly. What about an Andy Murray-branded interactive version of Pong? With a haggis for a ball, so people know you've at least put "Scottish things" into your own search box in the name of research?

Albania got a really awesome flag, although Google does seem to trot out the same font & flag combo for any smaller countries having a day -- like Latvia, Angola and Cambodia -- so perhaps Scotland should at least be happy it got something bespoke? [Google]