"Ebola Nurse" Pauline Cafferkey Miraculously Cured... Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

The unfortunately nicknamed Ebola Nurse Pauline Cafferkey is once again on the mend and allowed back near other people, after doctors successfully treated her for a case of meningitis that was triggered by by her original ebola infection.

Doctors at Glasgow's Queen Elizabeth University Hospital say she's doing well, again, and is now out of isolation, again, after spending some time at death's door, again, thanks to developing meningitis and being readmitted to hospital in early October.

The meningitis is a bizarre after-effect from her original ebola infection picked up while treating victims caught in the Sierra Leone outbreak, with the medical team saying: "This is the original Ebola virus she had many months ago which has been inside the brain, replicating at a very low level, and has now re-emerged to cause this clinical illness of meningitis." [Independent]