Facebook Activates Safety Check for Yola Bomb Victims, Following Paris Backlash

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Facebook has activated ‘Safety Check’ for Nigerian users, after a deadly blast in a market in Yola. At least 32 people have died, with many more injured.

The social network enabled the feature in the immediate aftermath of the Paris atrocities last week, allowing users to reassure friends and family of their wellbeing. That’s a good thing, but Zuckerberg and co rightly faced a backlash for deciding not to activate it for the bombings in Beirut a day earlier.

The social network defended itself by saying it typically used the feature in the instance of natural disasters, rather than attacks, but only decided to enable it for Parisians because of the level of activity it was seeing on its network. Facebook’s listened to criticism and has confirmed that Safety Check will be used more frequently going forward.

We don't currently know who's behind the Yola attack, but Boko Haram has previous there.

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