Fallout 4 Players Hitting Cross-Platform Game-Breaking Bug at Monsignor Plaza

By Gary Cutlack on at

Players working their way through Game of the Fortnight contender Fallout 4 are experiencing one enormous crash, one so aggressive that it forcibly quits the entire thing when attempting one of the quests.

Specifically, people are hitting a wall when trying to do the settlement quest that requires a trip to Monsignor Plaza, whereupon the game just... stops working. And it's not just a PC thing either, with some console players on Xbox One and PS4 having the same issues. The good news for PC players is that the more accessible console system means there are workarounds, although the workaround is a rather brutal "skip chunks of the game" thing, while players hope developer Bethesda notices and does something about it. 

As the crash report pile in, users are spotting other broken quests too. The Emogene Takes a Lover sequence appears to be hit with the same problem, with players creating multiple saves in order to protect their progress from being lost because, oh yes, the crashes also have the ability to corrupt save positions.

Bethesda doesn't appear to have officially acknowledged this particular issue yet, so players might be stuck skipping broken side missions for some time yet. [Bethesda via Gamespot