Fantasy Premier League Football Players Warned to Check Computers for Malware

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you’re a fan of Fantasy Football, there’s a big chance you’ve been targeted by hackers. Malwarebytes has discovered that the official Barclays Premier League Fantasy Football website has been hit by criminals intent on luring unsuspecting users to an infected site.
An ad for OKzilla, a British yacht company, was being displayed to fantasy managers, automatically redirecting anybody who clicked it to a malware download page.

It's not known how many people were affected by the sneaky ploy, but the official Fantasy Football is said to attract over 16 million people per month.

“A malicious advert displayed on the sports portal... automatically redirected unsuspecting soccer fans to the Nuclear exploit kit," wrote Malwarebytes. "The Flash-based ad for a British yacht company was hosted on a highly suspicious server and distributed over https, making detection at the firewall or gateway much more difficult because it would encrypt the content of the page.”

Image credit: Independent