Fawlty Towers Hotel Inspiration to be Demolished

By Gary Cutlack on at

The hotel that inspired the creation of Fawlty Towers is set to be demolished, with local councillors in Torquay approving a request to knock down the Gleneagles Hotel to allow some flats to take its place.

The Gleneagles was apparently the inspiration for the sitcom, after former owner Donald Sinclair's mannerisms impressed John Cleese and the rest of the Monty Python team when they stayed there in 1973. The hotel isn't the one actually used as the setting in the TV series -- that's the Wooburn Grange Country Club, a building also since demolished to make way for new housing.

The Gleneagles was closed for the last time earlier this year, with its Tripadvisor page currently featuring an impressive 27 one-star reviews. An initial plan to keep the building and convert it into a retirement home was abandoned, with the new plan being to completely demolish the thing and build a custom unit housing 32 one and two-bed apartments. [Independent]

Image credit: Tripadvisor

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