Fifth Teen Arrested Over TalkTalk Hack

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police have arrested a fifth man in connection with the hacking of mobile network TalkTalk, with officers in Wales taking in an unnamed 18-year-old for questioning last night.

Police from London's Metropolitan Police Service's Cyber Crime Unit teamed up with their accented friends at the Southern Wales Regional Organised Crime Unit to search a house in Llanelli, with the teenager finding himself arrested not for the actual hacking part of the crime, but on "suspicion of blackmail."

The four previous arrests were made under the Computer Misuse Act, so were presumably targeting the actual hackers responsible for accessing the servers and lifting the customer details. This arrest of this latest chap, known only as Boy E, sounds like it was more to do with handling the information accessed.

TalkTalk previously said it had received a demand for hush money -- sent by email to its Chief Executive Dido Harding -- from the hackers when the case went public in late October, which is presumably what Boy E was up to. He was the Email Sender, a very important job in modern crimes. [Met via Reuters]

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