'Game of Thrones: The Lego-Like Toys' Coming for Christmas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Toymaker McFarlane Toys is bringing its Game of Thrones items to Europe, with keen fans of the soft porn fantasy epic able to buy their own Iron Throne Room and a selection of characters to... play with. On the carpet. By the fire. Before bed time.

The makers and HBO are also going down the same "blind bag" route as followed by Lego when it comes to selling the miniature figures, offering a random selection of 12 characters in little individual bags for £3.99, with each figure said to be two inches tall.

They also come with "interchangeable body parts" so you can stage your own little dismemberments of key characters, or perhaps arrange them having sex. They're designed to be on the same scale as the larger buildable play sets, with the Iron Throne Room Construction Set (£30) the ideal accompaniment.

Both the mini people and the Throne Room are going on sale via HBO's European web shop in December.