Government Wants ISPs to Keep Our Online Histories for One Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The home secretary Theresa May is about to announce new rules regarding our internet connections and the ISPs that control them, ultimately seeking to require all ISPs to keep records of our online activity for a whole year.

The renewed wording of the back-from-the-dead Snooper's Charter will apparently include the requirement for judicial authorisation should police or security services want to rummage through the list of how many times we looked at Reddit over the last 12 months, though, with the government hoping that this new layer of judge approval will help squeeze the rules into place this time.

May will announce the plan today, which will come in the form of the draft investigatory powers bill. The bill also makes mention of the powers of GCHQ, and, according to the Guardian, will rubber stamp our spies' capability to monitor communications around the world, and includes the rather shocking authorisation to remotely activate the microphones or cameras on mobile phones.

We suspect that one won't go down very well online. The full wording of the bill and its powers should appear today, after Theresa May has delivered her commons statement speech to parliament. [Guardian]