'Hier Nicht Pinkeln!' Germans Target Public Pissers With Walls That Wee Right Back at You

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Cute as the word ‘wildpinkler’ may sound, it describes something that’s anything but. It means ‘public urinator’, and a railway station in Germany has decided to crack down on these scourges of the street.

Deutsche Bahn AG has coated a 30m stretch of wall in a hydrophobic paint that essentially bounces a stream of steaming hot piss straight back at the person who fired it out. It’s a simple solution that’s guaranteed to put people off relieving themselves in public, though what’s not so clever is how much it costs. Around €700 (£490) is required to coat just six square metres in urine-repellent stuff, which seems ludicrous.

Manchester Council flirted with the idea earlier this year during the UK general election, and we could see similar things more frequently in the future. Our hearts go out to any weak-bladdered readers out there. When you've got to go, you've really got to go. [Guardian]

Image credit: Mike Ritter via Flickr

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