HS2 Route May be Changed, as People Don't Want the 'Tree of the Year' to be Chopped Down

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The construction of the HS2 high-speed rail line could be disrupted because people have suddenly decided that they like a tree. The Cubbington pear tree in Warwickshire has just been crowned the ‘Tree of the Year’ (it's a thing, alright), and is due to be chopped down because it lies on the planned line of the high-speed railway.

The tree, which is believed to be over 250 years old, is now officially considered the UK’s finest specimen, presumably due to its thick, sturdy trunk, the glint in its leaves and its devil-may-care attitude. Or perhaps because people fancy sticking it the The Man. Either way, the people behind the HS2 are in a bit of a pickle. They want to chop the thing down and plant younger trees in the surrounding areas, but people still aren't happy.

"Those who voted for our tree clearly care about the protection of our natural environment," said Peter Delow, the chairman of the Cubbington Stop HS2 Action Group, who nominated the tree for the award. "It would be perfectly possible to build HS2 without destroying our tree and many others."

There's been a lot of opposition to the HS2. Earlier this year, a nine-year-old boy complained that the proposed route would disrupt his sleep. Turns out his dad is the guy behind the Stop HS2 campaign.