HTC One A9 Advert Takes an Awkward Swipe at Apple

By James O Malley on at

Amazingly, the John Lewis Christmas advert won't be the worst advert you'll see today. Check out this offering from HTC, which is promoting the One A9 in a not-too-subtle dig at Apple.

It appears to make references to Apple's iconic "1984" advert, and even features the main protagonist kicking over a pile of white Apples. "Forget lame old Apple", HTC appears to be saying, "buy our phone which looks just like an iPhone instead". Don't conform by buying a phone from that massive corporation - stick it to the man by buying a phone from this giant corporation instead.

The new phone was revealed a few weeks ago as a response to the poor reception HTC's flagship M9 received earlier this year. The new phone has a 13MP camera, runs Android Marshmallow and has a 5 inch screen running at 1080p. What is bizarre though - as noted in our review - is the bewildering decision by HTC to underpower the phone's European release and charge more for it.

The UK version of the phone has 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM - whilst the US version has 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. And here's the kick in the teeth: In the States the phone will set you back £260, but over here it will cost £330.

HTC says in its new advert "Be Different. Be Loud. Be Inspired. Be Free. Be Brilliant.". Presumably it can add "Be Ripped Off" to the end of that list.