I Am Drooling Over This Electronics Toolkit Right Now

By Annalee Newitz on at

I would not be along in thinking that iFixit makes brilliant tool kits – perhaps the best. And now the company updated their bestselling Pro Tech toolkit for the next generation of gadgets in your life. And it’s just beautiful. I want one.

I have the previous generation iFixit Pro Tech toolkit, which I keep in my office, within easy reach of most of my machines. I’ve used it to deal with repairs on everything from my Moto X to a broken pair of glasses. It contains all the tools you never knew you’d need, including a perfectly shaped jimmying knife and suction cups to pry open stubborn cases.

The new Pro Tech toolkit has updated tools based on the latest in weird proprietary screw designs and casings. It comprises a luxurious 64 pieces for your bendy and non-bendy drivers, an anti-static wrist strap, a magnetic work area for organising those teeny parts, spudgers (yep, real word, lay-people) for prodding, tweezers, and more, all in a neat case.

You can grab the new iFixit Pro Tool kit currently costs for €59.95 on its EU store. And hey, it’s the perfect gift for anybody who likes to peek inside their electronics – or who wants to start doing it.

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