Indian Censorship Inspires an Excellent Chaste James Bond Makeover

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cuts made to Spectre to reduce the rudeness of its shocking kissing scenes in the Indian release are being mocked online, as locals come up with other ways the film -- and Bond himself -- may be altered to fit in with old fashioned religious codes.

The decision to edit and reduce the length of Bond's hunky snogging action was apparently a personal one taken by censor board boss Pahlaj Nihalani, with one of Nihalani's staff publicly disagreeing with the move and telling the BBC that: "Other shots have also been cut along with the kissing scene. This seems like a joke. If you do this to a James Bond film, then it's shameful."

The hashtag #SanskariJamesBond is the one you need if you want to undermine the work of the Indian censor, where such joys as Bond in classical Indian attire and a covered-up Honey Rider await, along with suggestions of alternative film titles such as You Only Live Many Times and Diamonds are for Zevar. [BBC]

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