Installing This Temporary Basketball Net is as Easy as a Free Throw

By Andrew Liszewski on at

A playground basketball hoop with net still intact is no easy find. But because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the swish of a net after a perfect shot, someone has created a temporary one that can be easily installed on any regulation rim.

A basketball net isn’t only about that swish sound, though. It’s also a useful way to slow and control the ball’s trajectory after a shot, so you’re not chasing it all over the court. That’s why many outdoor courts use durable chain nets instead, but it’s just not the same.

Installing This Temporary Basketball Net Is As Easy As a Free Throw

The BlackNet is designed to temporarily install over a netless rim, but because there’s a very good chance you don’t carry a ladder with you to every pickup game, it can be easily installed using a basketball and a gentle free throw. Removing the BlackNet is just as easy, simply requiring you to throw a basketball up through the bottom of the rim which pops the temporary net off.

Details on pricing and availability of the BlackNet haven’t been revealed just yet. But it’s promised to be coming soon, with worldwide availability. [BlackNet via Werd]