JJ Abrams Speaks on the "Burden" of Outlining a New Star Wars

By Gary Cutlack on at

Director JJ Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan have once again been meeting their contractual duties when it comes to promoting The Force Awakens, with Kasdan and the rest of the production team giving a vast interview about the creative process and how it all came to be.

The story goes back to 2012, when Lucasfilm creative John Knoll pitched an idea for a new Star Wars to company president Kathleen Kennedy. His idea would go on to be the genesis of spin-off Rogue One, but, separately, George Lucas was speaking with Empire and Jedi writer Lawrence Kasdan about his plans for a new Star Wars film, too.

According to the vast interview in Wired, Kasdan had agreed to write a separate film about a young Han Solo, before production problems in the making of Episode VII saw bosses ask him and Abrams to get involved. Which they did, enjoying walks together while coming up with ideas.

"We started walking around, recording into an iPhone and breaking the story. We walked for miles, through Santa Monica and Manhattan and eventually Paris and London," Kasdan explained of the formation of The Force Awakens' plot. Imagine eavesdropping some of that back in 2012.

Abrams was clearly feeling the stresses of dealing with such a Triple-A franchise from very early on in the process, saying: "I do feel like there’s a little bit more of a burden on Larry and me to come up with a story that could at least be the beginning of what transpires over three films." [Wired]

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