Kay Burley Gets It Wrong Yet Again With Paris #sadnessinhiseyes Hashtag

By Ava Szajna-Hopgood on at

Kay Burley faced another round of backlash on social media today after sending a tweet that wasn't quite what you'd expect from a news anchor with 26 years in the business.

The Sky News presenter is currently reporting from Paris on the shocking attacks that took place in the city on Friday night, claiming the lives of at least 129 people and injuring more than 350. As part of her coverage, Burley chose to tweet an image of a dog with the caption "sadness in his eyes".

While research into canine empathy and sympathy has been found to show that dogs are able to empathise with humans in the same way a small child might, Burley's decision to include a photo of a "sad" golden retriever has been described as an "embarrassment" and slated for misjudging the mood.

The #sadnessinhiseyes hashtag now has plenty of original entries, but Emma Burns' response sums it up best: