London's "Dysfunctional" Bank Junction Closes to Cars Next Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The City of London Corporation, which coordinates activities in the posh/money bit of London to the east of the middle there, is taking drastic action to clean up the intersection around Bank -- with everything except buses and leg-powered things to be banned from the area next year.

News of the change has come from the top, with the Corporation's planning chairman Michael Welbank saying the current mess of roads and traffic lights and scared people looking right and left is: "...completely inappropriate to form the heart of a modern city." 

The proposal announcement sees Welbank explain: "We are committed to changing this, and making Bank a truly wonderful place for people to safely enjoy. The safety of all our road users is of paramount importance to us, especially pedestrians and cyclists. This is a radical step which will help reduce the number of tragic casualties within the Square Mile and make Bank a practical public space, and improve traffic flow in the City."

There are no actual plans drawn up yet, simply an agreement to a "comprehensive" redesign and an admittance that the current arrangement of roads all piling in like an army of cucumbers attacking a cat isn't working, and creates a polluted, dangerous spot where pedestrians and cyclists intermingle with traffic a little too closely. [City of London via Guardian]

Image credit: Bank from Shutterstock

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