MP Wants Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Banished, as People are Fat and Can't Think for Themselves

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

MP Keith Vaz wants to banish the Coca-Cola Christmas truck from Leicester, as a worryingly high number of children in the city are said to suffer from obesity and tooth decay. The Leicester East rep reckons an appearance of the famous red vehicle on 17 December will have a detrimental effect, despite Coca-Cola agreeing not to supply under-12s with the hard stuff (unless their parents don’t mind).

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Holidays are Coming ad, the truck’s touring the UK, and will stop at 46 different locations around the country ahead of Christmas. Vaz, who has Type-2 diabetes, isn’t having it though. "The Coca-Cola truck is not welcome in Leicester,” he said. “This tour is not the 'real thing', it is the wrong thing." Presumably, he said that last bit with a cheeky wink.

We all know the sickly drink isn’t good for any of us, but it seems like a pretty extreme stance to take. Even Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, thinks Vaz has gone a bit too far. "A blanket statement saying that Coca-Cola are still the baddies of yesteryear, I believe, is not appropriate. We recognise that Coca-Cola have made advances in making their range of drinks healthier. A company that is making crucial efforts at this time deserves a little encouragement."

Now watch one of the ads, and see yourself transform into a Coca-Cola-obsessed Christmas monster.