MPs Checking if Investigatory Powers Bill is Actually Doable

By Gary Cutlack on at

A committee of MPs is asking the tech industry for its thoughts on the implications of the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill, with the Science and Technology Committee asking the service providers it'll hit for their thoughts on the general feasibility of the whole thing.

The wording of the inquiry says it will: "...focus on technology issues, including: the technical feasibility and costs of meeting the obligations imposed by the Bill; the impact on communications service providers and related businesses; [and] the likely consequences for citizen/consumer use of ICT services."

So there's a small chance that the ISPs might all say "Nope, too hard, forget about it" and save us from the threat of having everything we do online saved, for a whole year, lest it need to be held against us.

Written submissions from affected stakeholders should be submitted by the end of November, also including their thoughts on "...encryption, bulk data collection, cloud computing, deep packet inspection and anonymous internet communication systems." [The Register]

Image credit: Servers from Shutterstock

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