Nest's Sexy New £199 Thermostat Controls Your Hot Water Tank, but Wait for Black Friday Before Buying it

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Nest Labs has launched the third version of its Learning Thermostat, which is available right now. The smart-home-connected-Internet-of-Things-energy gadget has a bunch of new features, is compatible with more products than ever, and has been treated to a sexy redesign.

It’s a great-looking thing -- no mean feat for a thermostat -- with a slimmer profile and a sharper, brighter, larger display. The user interface has also been tweaked, and Nest says it should be easier than ever for people to read temperatures, alerts and messages on it.

But what new stuff does it do? You can now use it to control your hot water tank, as well as your central heating. With the Thermostat or your phone, you can adjust the hot water schedule, and a new Auto-Away tool figures out when you're not around, thereby saving you both money and energy. There’s also a new feature called Farsight, which automatically displays your target temperature or the time when it catches your eye across a well-heated room. Cool, if a bit creepy.

Nest has added something called Advanced modulation with OpenTherm too, which essentially means you can use the Thermostat to figure out the exact amount of gas you need to burn in order to hit your desired temperature, which should help you save money in the long run.

Like its older brother, the revamped Thermostat works with Nest Protect and Nest Cam, which is a good thing if you understand what all of the different products actually do. The trio will automatically communicate with each other in order to solve problems with minimal fuss. If your Nest Protect senses smoke in the house, for instance, the Thermostat could stop your heating as a precaution and the Cam could film the scene (probably not for entertainment reasons).

The new Thermostat costs £199, but it might be worth holding off buying it for now. We spoke to Nest Labs' general manager for Europe last week, who hinted at upcoming Black Friday special offers.

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