NVIDIA Has a Plug-in Computer AI Brain

By Gary Cutlack on at

NVIDIA would like us to think that its newly announced Jetson TX1 is some sort of AI upgrade for computers and networks, one built to aid autonomous systems by enabling machine learning. It's basically a powerful dongle.

The TX1 unity runs at 1 teraflops according to NVIDIA, power that can be channeled to anything users want -- although the chipmaker says that "machine learning, computer vision, GPU computing and graphics" are the key aims.

The press release makes some bizarre claims about how it'll let drones fly through the jungle thanks to the power of neural networks, with VP Deepu Talla saying: "Jetson TX1 will enable a new generation of incredibly capable autonomous devices. They will navigate on their own, recognize objects and faces, and become increasingly intelligent through machine learning. It will enable developers to create industry-changing products."

Could probably also whack it into the back of a telly and use it to stream Game of Thrones.

TX1 devkits including an SDK themed around machine learning and computer vision can be ordered now in the US, for $599 (£495). [NVIDIA via Engadget]