Oh, We May Have Lied About Fuel Consumption and CO2 Too, Says Volkswagen

By Gary Cutlack on at

Volkswagen has added another 800,000 vehicles to its suspect data list, with the carmaker announcing that a new fiddle -- this time involving CO2 levels and possibly also including cars with petrol engines -- has been uncovered.

At least this news came from VW itself to lessen the shame, with the company explaining that: "During the course of internal investigations, unexplained inconsistencies were found when determining Type Approval CO2 levels. Based on present knowledge around 800,000 vehicles from the Volkswagen Group are affected."

This is different from the diesel emissions scandal, as that one involved the cars' deadly NOx output. The CO2 output levels under examination this time are related to a vehicle’s fuel consumption level, and although VW hasn't elaborated on that brief statement itself yet, it would seem some cars have been using trickery to lessen carbon dioxide output to either make the cars seem cleaner or to back up false fuel efficiency claims.

And as we saw with the diesel emissions scam, it's not just VWs that are involved. The 800,000 number includes models made by VW and its subsidiaries Audi, Seat and Skoda, although, according to the FT, it mostly includes models with the smaller 1.4 litre engines, down at the Golf/Polo end of the scale. [Irish Times]