Paris Terrorists May Have Used the Sony PS4 to Coordinate Their Attacks

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Much of the world is still reeling from the events in Beirut, Paris and Syria over the weekend, and investigations in mainland Europe have taken an unexpected turn. A PS4 has reportedly been seized by authorities in Belgium, with the games console believed to have been used as a communications platform by the Paris attackers.

Suspicions have not yet been confirmed, but a speech from Belgian home affairs minister Jan Jambon last week suggests that authorities have had issues cracking into the PlayStation Network. "It's very, very difficult for our [intelligence] services – not only our Belgian services but international services – to decrypt the communications via PlayStation 4," he said. "PlayStation 4 should be very, very difficult; it's a challenge."

While that's certainly good news for consumers, such levels of privacy look set to be flushed away. Governments around the world are guaranteed to step up their snooping efforts in the aftermath of the events in the French capital, and David Cameron has already announced plans to increase spending on the UK's intelligence and security forces.

Update 15:57: Sony has responded to reports linking its console with the attacks, telling Eurogamer:

PlayStation 4 allows for communication amongst friends and fellow gamers and, in common with all modern connected devices, this has the potential to be abused. However, we take our responsibilities to protect our users extremely seriously and we urge our users and partners to report activities that may be offensive, suspicious or illegal. When we identify or are notified of such conduct, we are committed to taking appropriate actions in conjunction with the appropriate authorities and will continue to do so.

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