Part-Time Tube Drivers Could Get London's 24-Hour Lines Working at Last

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's delayed Night Tube service may finally be brought into being thanks to a new deal being offered by Underground bosses, who are trying to get workers and unions onside with an offer to hire part-time drivers to man some overnight shifts on the 24-hour lines.

London Underground has also offered a pay rise to drivers as the arguments over the new 24-hour service continue, with tube bosses extending a three-year deal to four -- and now offering to hire part-time staff to take the burden of compulsory night shifts off existing drivers.

The latest deal taken to the table by LU offers a £500 bonus to workers asked to pull overnighters, plus a three-year above-inflation pay rise agreement has been extended to include a 0.25 per cent above RPI rise in a fourth year, too. Should everyone agree to turn up and all future meetings about the issue be cancelled, that is.

The 24-hour London Underground service, which was supposed to bring non-stop weekend travel to the Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Central and Northern lines, was originally scheduled to launch back in September. But it didn't, because of money issues and the fact that no one really wants to be told their job suddenly involves being at work at 3:45am on a Saturday. [BBC]

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