Retail Chain Teams Up With Crowdfunding Site to Make Crap Gadgets a Reality

By Mario Aguilar on at

Brookstone is a retailer, both physical and online, of mass-market novelty gadgets, and Indiegogo is the second-string crowdfunding platform with very few guidelines. The two are teaming up to try to bring the ideas of inexperienced inventors into the real world.

The new partnership is aimed at putting the “best and brightest ideas from Indiegogo on the fast track to success”. In other words, Brookstone is offering to lend its decades of experience developing and marketing ancillary gadgetry to Indiegogo inventors who have no experience at all. Crowdfunding is a booming business, and a niche industry of specialised service providers have sprung up to help coach aspiring entrepreneurs through successful campaigns.

This new Indiegogo partnership is an extension of the Brookstone Launch service, which guides would-be inventors through some of the more challenging aspects of getting a product to market. The company will consult on:

  • End-to-end design and engineering
  • Cost-effective manufacturing
  • Product packaging
  • Compliance testing
  • Product placement, signage and expert sales associates
  • Customer service and returns
  • Marketing, advertising, PR and social media
  • Wholesale and retail distribution
  • Ecommerce

If you’ve been following along, these are many of the details that cause crowdfunded projects to go to pot. It’s not enough to simply have a clever idea for a consumer product. If inventors don’t know what they are doing, their projects will fail, sometimes spectacularly.

And in that way, this is a promising development, even if the last thing I need is another crap gadget under the Christmas tree. If Brookstone can keep some of the wide-eyed optimists on Indiegogo from failing, that’s a good thing for all the generous people who naively hand their money to strangers with no strings attached. [Consumerist]

Image credit: Ocair

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