Sainsbury's Also Thinks Making People Cry is What Christmas is About

By Gary Cutlack on at

I often cry at Christmas, but it's not got much to do with TV adverts. For some people, though, Christmas is all about crying over the adverts. John Lewis wants you to cry about children, now here's Sainsbury's suggesting you cry about a CG cat not having a nice time at Christmas -- then go and buy frozen Brussels sprouts from your nearest branch.

Watch this. It's three entire minutes long, for some stupid reason:

A businessman we just spoke to estimated Sainsbury's will have to sell 3.5 billion mince pies simply to break even on the production costs of this epic, so if you enjoyed it, get eating.april

They filmed this in April, you know. Plus a room that busy is most people's idea of hell. Why do we have to pretend everything's all OK for the next seven weeks?

There's a CG cat and Christmas gets ruined. Sadly, and unrealistically, everything ends up being OK, whereas in reality the afflicted family would be put up in a B&B and dad would end up attempting suicide because Christmas hasn't gone like the pretend ones on television do and his children therefore hate him AND they didn't get the right Lego. [YouTube]