London's Silicon Roundabout Nerds Demand a Monorail

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Docklands Light Railway simply isn't futuristic (or near) enough for the workers of London's Silicon Roundabout tech development hotbed, with a survey of those working in the area* revealing that one of the things they'd like to see that would enhance their lives the most is a... monorail.

The fantasy monorail would link Old Street to Kings Cross, were the tech staff to have their way, making it easier to escape to whatever northern suburb they live in at the end of the day. The demands were channeled through a survey of 400 tech bosses organised by job site Dice, which also found that, should the monorail prove problematic or a planning nightmare, a series of more pedestrian and cycling over and underpasses would do just as well.

In fact, 42 per cent of those asked wanted greater cycling infrastructure with only 26 per cent plumping for the monorail, but still. [Standard]

*Excluding prostitutes

Image credit: Monorail from Shutterstock

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