Some iPad Pros are Locking up While Charging, Moan the Rich

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new thing has some glitches in it, is today's unremarkable product news, with some people on the internet moaning that their brand new iPad Pros aren't working at all when plugged into a charger. Our hearts are bleeding so much this carpet's going to need replacing.

Reports suggest the machines of some early buyers are freezing and locking up entirely after a charge, requiring the old hard reset trick to bring them back to life again -- and leaving owners without a screen to look at for several uncomfortable seconds.

Complaints on Apple's support forum say things like: "I've charged my new iPad Pro twice and both times it required a hard reset to get it working. Very frustrating," with plenty of others saying the devices are totally unresponsive in the morning following their overnight charging rituals.

"I have the exact same issue," say lots of other people in frustrated words to that effect, so either there's some sort of mass hysteria breaking out, or Anonymous is deliberately smearing the device, or... an unknown but presumably quite small percentage of iPad Pros are indeed having trouble when charging. [Phone Arena via Business Insider]

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