Stan Lee Sees Himself as Tony Stark and Admits to Taking Shortcuts With X-Men

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Stan Lee has revealed who he considers his greatest superhero to be, and it’s neither Hulk nor Wolverine. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the 92-year-old identified Spider-Man as his “most successful” character, which will have fans of the webbed wonder wetting their pants.

However, that doesn’t mean the comic book writer sees himself as geeky Peter Parker. “Deep down, I think I’m more like Tony Stark,” he said. Money, arrogance, charm -- a strong choice.

Lee, who incidentally has his own action figure now, also admitted to taking the easy route with X-Men, as he struggled to think of how each of the characters first got their superpowers. “I was so tired of coming up with new reasons of how characters got their superpower, like being bitten by a radioactive spider or being hit by a cosmic ray, so I figured I’d take the cowardly way out and I’d just say they were born that way, they were mutants, and I didn’t have to have a lot of explaining to do.” It worked.

He also confirmed that he's still writing, and explained the success of his creations with a neat little line. “I think everybody loves a hero.” I'm glad your villains don't. [WSJ]