Star Wars: Battlefront With the Toddyhancer Mod Looks EXACTLY Like the Films

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's done. It's over. We've won. Games officially look like real-life now. Or, at least, modded games running on a high-end gaming PC do.

Star Wars: Battlefront, available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, is already a beautiful game, capturing George Lucas's sci-fi universe with great accuracy. But the Toddyhancer mod, currently in development by amateur coder Martin Bergman is just something else. Take a look at these screenshots of the game when running the PC  mod:

...and it's not even finished being developed yet. Plenty more pictures are available to view over on Imgur.

Bergman's got previous. Having worked at Activision as a QA and localisation tester he also put his skills to work making the equally impressive Toddyhancer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. If I was EA, I'd be drawing up a contract for this guy right now. As for the mod itself, we'll keep you posted when and if it ever gets a public release. [Imgur]

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