Woz Disagrees With Tim Cook on Nearly Everything, Criticises Apple Watch and Praises Laptops

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Steve Wozniak has offered us a nice little reminder of why we all love him, by openly disagreeing with Tim Cook and saying what most of us are thinking about the Apple Watch. Best of all, however, is the admission the Apple co-founder has made concerning Apple’s so-called ‘ecosystem’.

Speaking at a conference recently, the Apple co-founder said he doesn’t like being trapped in a world of iDevices, instead preferring to use a wide range of products. “I don’t like being in the Apple ecosystem,” said the Woz. “I don’t like being trapped. I like being independent.”

One such gadget Woz certainly hasn’t given up on is the laptop, despite Tim Cook’s claims that the tablet is the ultimate productivity device. The self-confessed “laptop-based guy” says he still finds the tablet limited, but admits that they might be more financially rewarding for Apple than traditional computers. As if that wasn’t enough, he then went on to say that he often forgets to wear his Apple Watch, which he thinks has a long way to go. Lovely. [Fortune]

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