Steven Moffat Ponders Doctor Who and Star Trek Universe Crossover

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's hope for William Shatner yet, as Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has listed his conditions for a crossover in which the Doctor meets Captain Kirk. In short -- original series only, preferably Spock and Kirk.

The quotes come from an interview Moffat gave to Digital Spy. His thoughts on a Doctor Trek crossover were outlined as: "If it crossed over with Star Trek, it would have to be real Star Trek​. It would have to be Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. It has to be the Doctor meets Mr Spock - that's the one you want. I mean, would I do it? Yes, in a heartbeat. I think you might find the Americans a little bit trickier to deal with!"

Given that Nimoy died last year and Shatner's a bit of a public insurance liability these days, they'd probably have to be entirely recreated in CG. Were it to happen. Which it won't, because people are sensible and don't instantly make everything they think of. [Digital Spy via Blastr

Image credit: The Inquisitive J