Supposed Official Apple Watch Dock Ready for Your Minimalist Work Desk

By Gary Cutlack on at

Photos showing the box and internal contents of an official Apple Watch charging dock have appeared online, apparently showing us how Apple envisages people might like to wirelessly charge their posh watches in the very near future.

It's round and not much else, is the hot news, with the unit resembling the sort of thing one might be tempted to place a travel kettle on while staying in a Premier Inn. The instruction manual also photographed calls the device the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, so if it's real, that's its name.

And it does something! A bit pops up! So you can prop up your Watch and gaze adoringly at the face of it all night instead of sleeping. Jony Ive has spent the last 14 months flipping that hinge to make sure it's the right level of stiffness, the level of stiffness one would expect from a thing sold at an impressive markup.


Now it looks like a tea light holder. An €89 (£63) tea light holder, according to the price labelling revealed in a separate photo. It really ought to have speakers or a screen or a teasmaid in it for that price. [ via 9to5Mac]

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