TalkTalk Tries to Fend Off Mass Defections With Freebie Upgrades

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile network TalkTalk has launched a bundle of free upgrades for its customers, no doubt in the hope the incentive might stop a few cancelling their contracts and moving to an operator that hasn't been so aggressively compromised by bored teens.

The network's upgrade deals page offers the choice of four supposedly free upgrades; letting users add a TV content bundle; take a free SIM with some bundled minutes, data and texts; add unlimited UK landline and mobile calls to their contract, or have some sort of "broadband health check" carried out by an engineer.

The options are being offered to subscribers to cover the "unavoidable uncertainty" caused by the hack, with the offer page saying the network is still "working hard to understand" the scope of the data breach reported.

The hack was given key bullet point status in the company's latest financial figures too, where it reveals it's accounting for a one-off loss of up to £35m in terms of the overall impact of the security breach, via clean-up operations, lost customers and these free upgrades. TalkTalk also said that "...early data on churn and retention activity in the days since the attack is encouraging," suggesting fewer people than expected are cancelling their contracts in a rage over the hack.