Tesco Turns Away Non-'Black Friday' Shoppers, Because it's All Gone Wrong

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

You read that correctly. Tesco's been turning away regular grocery shoppers because of Black Friday. Twitter user Chris Brown said he was dismissed by members of staff in Corstorphine because he wasn’t there to take part in the big shopping bonanza.

“Was delighted to discover your Corstorphine store is happy to turn away anyone not wanting to buy a TV today,” he wrote in a message directed at Tesco this morning. “Won't be back. Got in as was there for 'normal' shopping, got basket, then told by two female staff I couldn't buy anything as it was black Friday??”

Another regular shopper, Sam McKavanagh, said that Tesco tried not to let him into a store because they weren’t sure he was there to pick up a Black Friday bargain. He only wanted bagels. Poor Sam.

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