TfL Says the London Tube is Breaking Passenger Records, But Commuters Won't be Too Pleased

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you’re finding yourself getting more and more irritable with every Tube journey, there could be a perfectly good reason for it. The capital’s transport network is getting busier by the year, according to TfL, and will only get more crowded as London’s population grows.

TfL also says the Underground had its busiest ever day and busiest ever week in October, as 4.735 million people minded the gap and jumped aboard on 9 October, and a frankly ludicrous 28.614 million people climbed on during the final week of the month. The Rugby World Cup probably played a huge part, though TfL expects new records to be set before the year is out. 

“The Tube is carrying more customers than ever before as London’s economy and population continue to grow," said Nick Brown, the MD of London Underground. "This is why we are continuing to invest all of our income to modernise the service, improving reliability, train capacity and frequency and upgrading major stations to reduce congestion.”

No wonder they released that ‘Walk the Tube’ map earlier this week.

Image credit: Louise Bull via Flickr