TfL Wants Londoners to Stand on Both Sides of the Escalator, Because Walking is Bad

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A London Tube station in the middle of rush hour is a busy place, and Transport for London thinks the best way to ease congestion is by making everybody stop still. Hmmm. Yesterday morning, commuters at Holborn station were told to stand on both sides of the escalators, going against everything they’ve ever been told. Like tourists.

Usually, we’re instructed to stand on the right and walk up the left-hand side. These new guidelines seem so wrong. Yesterday's morning madness was just the first day of a three-week pilot scheme, and the people in charge of the capital's transport network hope it helps reduce queuing at the bottom of escalators, and therefore boosts capacity.

TfL also says it plans to enlarge parts of Holborn station, which will see the ticket hall and entrance rebuilt by 2022. [Standard]

Image credit: Bill Holmes via Flickr

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