TfL's Wasting £1.5m a Month Staffing the Night Tube, Despite the Fact it Doesn't Exist

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Night Tube isn’t operational yet, nor will it be before the end of 2015, yet we’re already paying staff £1.5 million per month for its services. TfL has confirmed that it’s been blowing a hell of a lot of cash on around 500 extra members of staff - specifically brought in for the Night Tube -- since September.

The 24-hour tube service was meant to kick off on the 12th of that month, but has been delayed thanks to a series of disagreements between unions and London Underground. Unions are seeking a limit on the number of shifts drivers and other staff will have to work, as well as a pay rise, before reaching an agreement.

To make matters worse, Boris Johnson insists that the Night Tube is a luxury, and will only get off the ground if his terms are accepted. "I've got to tell you this is something that the city of London has done without for 150 years,” the Great Bumbler said on LBC Radio. “There's a very good deal on the table. I just hope that members of the Tube unions will get a chance to look at it. I want you to know that this is something I think we should have but - I hope my attitude is clear - it is not something that I regard as absolutely critical."

TfL says it’s ‘operationally ready’ to deliver the Night Tube, but the new members of staff will be deployed across the existing network until its formal introduction. Good work all round.