The Best Fallout Gifts for Surviving the Apocalypse

By James O Malley on at

This week saw arguably the most anticipated game release of the year as Fallout 4 hit the shelves. Set in post-apocalyptic Boston, the game has received a broadly positive reception. But what if you want to take your Fallout love offline? What if you want to crawl out of the Vault and signal your allegiance to the action-RPG du jour? Here’s our selection of the best Fallout gifts and merch to put in your shopping basket.

Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition

If you haven’t picked up the new game yet then why not get the Pip Boy edition? Not only does it come in a bad-ass case, but it includes a wrist-mountable accessory that lets you recreate the game’s iconic wearable as you play. Designed to fit a number of different handsets, including the iPhone 6/6S (though not 6/6S Plus), iPhone 5S and Galaxy S6 amongst others, you can download and run the Pip Boy app and it will sync with your game in real time, so you don’t need to use the virtual device in game. Brilliant.

HOWEVER. Only a limited amount of Pip-Boy Edition versions of the game were put on sale, and they were quickly snapped up by collectors. Which means you're going to have to dive into the second-hand market to get one even at this early stage. There's a good selection on eBay and, considering the rarity of the items and already-high RRP, their £150 sale average isn't too bad. [Check out the auctions here]

Vault-Inspired PS4 Controller

How about this for a controller that looks the part? One Etsy seller has taken to offering customised controllers that look like they could be from the game universe. Each are built to order, so they will even let you choose where you want the cracks to appear. [Buy It Here]

PS4 Decals

If you want a custom console but something a bit more affordable than the controller above, then there is always this decal, decked out in the style of Nuka Cola. [Buy It Here]

Fallout Beer

Let’s face it - now Fallout 4 is out you’re going to be glued to the sofa for a couple of weeks. But staying hydrated is also important. So make sure that you stock up on beverages like the official Fallout beer, which has been created by Carlsberg and is a 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) pilsner lager, “with a refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma”. [Buy It Here]

Nuka Cola Shirt

Before the Great War, Nuka Cola was available on every street corner in America, and now in the post-war landscape its ubiquity has given its bottlecaps an unintentional role: a de-facto currency. So why not get a shirt to celebrate the brand? It’ll also have the unexpected side-effect of acting as a secret signal to other Fallout players in public places. [Buy It Here]

3D-Printed Mini Nuke

A 3D printed recreation of the Mini Nukes found in the Fallout games is surely what every new home needs. And you can get one to adorn your mantlepiece, or intimidate your neighbours thanks to this Etsy seller. [Buy It Here]

Super Realistic Plasma Rifle

If you’re getting ready to fight the post-apocalypse, you need to make sure you’re tooled up. So if the world is about to go to shit, perhaps now is the time to invest in this astonishing Plasma Rifle from a seller on Etsy.

It’ll set you back over a grand, but the whole thing is hand-made and the end is even a real glass dome. Forget cosplay, this weapon will make you cos-serious. [Buy It Here]

Fallout Monopoly

Sometimes a crisis - like a nuclear war - isn’t just a crisis, but can be an opportunity to make a fast buck too. So why not inject a little unfettered capitalism into Fallout by playing a round of Fallout Monopoly? Houses and hotels are replaced with shacks and vaults, but the game is otherwise the monopoly we all know and… well, if not love, tolerate at Christmas with the family. [Buy It Here]

The Art of Fallout 4

Not due out until just before Christmas, a coffee table book on the art of the series will be a must for fans of the series. Apparently it is set to feature 368 images and pieces of concept art from the game - including the characters, environments, weapons and more. There will also be added commentary from the developers. [Buy It Here]

Fallout Art Print

Want some classy art for your walls? Then check out this minimalist poster of a Vault entrance by artist Luke Stevens. You can celebrate your love of the series whilst still having decorations that appear sophisticated enough to appease a non-gamer spouse. Brilliant. [Buy It Here]

Vault Boy Bobble Head

And finally… well you can’t go wrong with this essential accessory for every desk, right? [Buy It Here]